Create and fill your world with fun and adventures, share it among friends – Scaupa is based on the joy of creating unique sceneries and/or adventures and being able to share these with others.

Build worlds in “first-person view”, add customized adventures and experiences, all designed by yourself and others. In most games, content (both story and environment) is delivered in a fixed format, forcing the player to play the game “as intended” by the developers.  In Scaupa it´s your quest, your journey, to create and design your world and adventure. With playful tools in a playful environment everyone is able to play Scaupa, both young and old.

An empty worlda2

Your journey begins with a flat empty world – ready to be sculpted, modified with a set of intuitive tools and a variety of objects, materials and effects that supports your build and design process. You can create mountains and valleys, shallow ponds and deep ocean – details such as material characteristics (grass, gravel, sand, roads, water) are alternated with exotic effects such as smoke, rain, insect swarms, fire, explosions and sound effects.

Objects are made alive and interactive by a set of properties and effects such as video-signs, voice- and sounds awareness, designed to make your world interesting and fun to experience.

Build by yourself or collaborate with your friends in team-build, using webcam to inter-communicate, to expand your world. The world-stitching feature is an interesting alternative/complement to the team-build, allowing you to merge existing worlds into new bigger worlds.

When you have built your world and added your experiences/adventure you have created your Scaupia – a unique experience set in a unique world. Your Scaupia is then ready to be experienced by you and/or your friends. If you decide to share your Scaupia with others you need to define an avatar that visitors will use when visiting your Scaupia.


When building you run or fly around with an avatar that basically is a sort of machine with a set of abilities. These capabilities give you the power to alter your surroundings, for instance by sculpting the terrain and placing objects. The avatars also have communication capabilities that allows you to see your friend’s webcameras displayed somewhere on it. This makes the team-building aspect very interesting and fun.

Content Packs

Theme based content-packs contains different types of materials, objects and effects- all belonging to a specific genre. By utilizing the unique items that are provided in each content each experience becomes unique. These packs are optional and can be purchased from the Scaupa webpage, however some content will be free.

Play and Share your Scaupiaa6

Scaupias may be shared, allowing your friends to visit and play your adventure as the “visitor- Avatar”-type/s that you defined during the building phase. When playing your friends’ Scaupias you first get a short introduction, then you will be placed in the world and the adventure can begin! You can play hide and seek with your friends in a world you’ve created together. Or why not make a treasure hunt for your friends with various obstacles, puzzles blocking the path of progress, with rewards such as shortcuts or clues to the next puzzle. Just use your imagination, the possibilities are endless.

Team Buildinga8

This feature enables the user to invite more players to build and change the world simultaneously. All changes are updated in real time.

World Stitchinga5

Connect your world tile with your friend’s tiles to mix and expand worlds in an interesting or crazy way.