Scaupa Kidz

A new version of Scaupa is under development. This is Scaupa Kidz, meant to be played by children too young to play the original Scaupa game. Just like in Scaupa it’s up to you to create a world and give it life through various tools.
Have you ever wanted to bring life to your drawings? With Scaupa Kidz you can do just that. Just scan or take a photo of your drawing, modify it in Scaupa Kidz and your drawing is ready to be given life in the 3D-world of Scaupa. The scene above is done just like that. With this tool the only limitation you’ll encounter in creating your unique Scaupia is a lack of imagination.

You will also be able to print out drawing-templates. When you are finished painting it, you “put it back” in Scaupa Kidz by scanning it or taking a photo. Your drawing is now ready to be used as an actual object in your world, in your Scaupia.

As Scaupa Kidz supports Oculus Rift you have the option to use Oculus Rift to experience the world you’ve created like you’ve never experienced a game before.

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